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  • When it comes to Troy Ohio home inspection needs, MVP Inspectors is your first choice. We are committed to ensuring that one of your life’s biggest investments is a sound one.
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Choose MVP Inspectors for Peace of Mind in Troy, Ohio: With our 18+ years of unwavering dedication to quality and accuracy, you can trust us to deliver thorough and reliable home inspections. Our deep-rooted understanding of Troy’s real estate intricacies ensures that you receive not just an inspection, but a comprehensive safeguard for one of your most significant investments.

Partner with MVP Inspectors to gain insightful knowledge, detailed assessment, and the confidence needed to make informed decisions about your property.”

Why Trust MVP Inspectors for Your Troy Ohio Home Inspection?

  • Local Expertise: Our home inspectors in Troy Ohio are not just professionals; they’re your neighbors. They bring an intimate understanding of Troy’s unique real estate landscape to each inspection.
  • Comprehensive Inspections: From scrutinizing the roof and attic to examining the foundation and plumbing systems, we leave no stone unturned. Our state-of-the-art tools ensure that your future home is free of hidden defects and safety hazards.
  • Tailored Reports: Following our thorough inspection process, we provide detailed reports that meet industry standards, offering a clear picture of your property’s condition.
  • Qualified Professionals: Our inspectors are not only seasoned but also hold relevant certifications, guaranteeing that your inspection is in capable hands.

Radon Testing: A Must for Troy Ohio Homes

  • Radon, the invisible and odorless gas resulting from uranium breakdown, can pose significant health risks. It’s especially crucial in areas like Troy, where soil compositions might vary.
  • Our radon inspections are thorough, ensuring your peace of mind, whether you’re buying or selling.


Client Testimonials: Hear From Our Satisfied Troy Customers

“I just had an home inspection via MVP in the Bellbrook Ohio area. My inspector was Doug Swaninger. We started at 8 am and finished roughly 4-hrs later. I’m very impressed with the overall thoroughness of the inspection. Doug actually did the job by evaluating everything, not just looking at from afar.

Many companies would not dream of getting on the roof to evaluate the shingles, vents, flashing and caps, this company will do that. What was even more comforting was that I was brought in on things that were discrepancies that really should be fixed. I added the septic camera and radon test to my evaluation.

Doug ran a camera through the septic and I could see all was good. the radon test is true data captured at intervals over 48-hrs so you can see the low points and spikes in radon gas. Yes, go with MVP and ask for Doug”.   –DM, Homeowner

MVP Inspectors: The Name Troy Trusts for Home Inspections

  • Serving the Greater Miami Valley area, we are proud to extend our services to Troy, Ohio. Whether it’s radon testing, mold assessments, or sewer inspections, our team delivers prompt, efficient service, and you’ll receive a detailed report by the following morning.

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