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Home Inspections in Dayton, OH

For 17 years, MVP Inspectors has provided families and businesses in Dayton, OH and surrounding areas with quality home inspection services. We offer commercial inspections, energy inspections, radon testing, mold testing, sewer inspections, termite inspections and more. The experts at MVP Inspectors are dedicated to providing premium quality customer service and effective, efficient, detailed reports to every customer. No matter what your inspections needs are, our team can help!

Radon Testing

Before you buy or sell a home, it’s important to have a radon test performed. Radon is a serious health risk, and it occurs naturally as a result of the breakdown of uranium in the soil beneath the foundation. It’s virtually undetectable to humans, as it is both colorless and odorless, and can seep into homes through foundational cracks. In order to mitigate the risk from radon exposure, it’s essential to have your home tested before purchasing or selling. The experienced professionals at Miami Valley can perform a thorough radon inspection and provide you with thorough reporting as well.

Energy Audits

A home energy audit can provide you with the knowledge of your home’s energy efficiency and consumption. By understanding your home’s energy use, you have the ability to decrease your energy bill while also making your home more energy efficient. The amount saved will vary by home, but many homeowners see a substantial decrease in their overall energy expenses. It can also improve the comfort of your home, as the audit will discover potential problem areas throughout the home that are caused by airflow issues or inconsistent temperatures. Call Miami Valley Home Inspectors today to schedule your next inspection!